Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Co-op Interview with Srishti Kundu

Srishti Kundu is a data science and finance major. She joined TAMID in Fall 2020 (Lamed class) and has since been a consulting track and recruitment committee member. What is your co-op? “I am a Financial Analysis & Planning Co-op at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), working especially under the Value-Based Pricing (VBP) Pillar. My main

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McKinsey & Company Co-op Interview with Daria Kukhar

What is your co-op? “I’m a delivery analyst at McKinsey, where I specialize in procurement and supply chain consulting. The day to day of my job usually involves clients coming to the company and showing us their spending data, asking where can they cut costs, where can they make better decisions, where can they potentially

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