Building a Perfect Co-op Resume

At Northeastern, we are given the tools to succeed early in our academic careers by preparing us for our professional careers. Co-op is an incredible and fundamental part of our college experience, and preparing your resume is a crucial piece to achieving your dream job. Your resume is often the first point of contact between

Studying Techniques

With midterm exams already underway, students need to put a lot of time into their classes. Last-minute studying at three in the morning is an experience we’ve all had; though it’s best to minimize doing that! While it’s important to study, it’s also important to understand how to study. There’s a variety of techniques and

Get your tickets ready! Boston concerts this fall promise to be an unforgettable experience…

Boston is one of those cities where you can have a new experience every single time you visit. There’s always events happening ranging from sports, marathons, and especially concerts. Boston is a hot-spot for artists to host their concerts at and they are some of the best experiences during the year. Here are a few

Breaking into Blockchain with Crypto Assets Experts

Here’s what Malcom Moreno Beningo and Stefan Mrakovciv from CrossTower, a crypto asset exchange company, shared with TAMID members and guests last Wednesday! Part 3 of 3
Co-op Interviews

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Co-op Interview with Srishti Kundu

Srishti Kundu is a data science and finance major. She joined TAMID in Fall 2020 (Lamed class) and has since been a consulting track and recruitment committee member. What is your co-op? “I am a Financial Analysis & Planning Co-op at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), working especially under the Value-Based Pricing (VBP) Pillar. My main
Co-op Interviews

McKinsey & Company Co-op Interview with Daria Kukhar

What is your co-op? “I’m a delivery analyst at McKinsey, where I specialize in procurement and supply chain consulting. The day to day of my job usually involves clients coming to the company and showing us their spending data, asking where can they cut costs, where can they make better decisions, where can they potentially

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