Event Recap – Guest Speaker Katherine Hamilton

If you missed this semester’s first professional partnerships event last Wednesday, no worries! Here’s a recap of guest speaker Katherine Hamilton’s presentation on impactful investing, philanthropy, and ESG. Hamilton is a Northeastern professor in San Francisco, and runs her own consulting business with a focus on conservation finance. She started the night off with a

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Health Tech Consulting

Here’s two things about the world today that are certain: technology is advancing rapidly, and healthcare is more important than ever. Because of these progressing factors, it is imperative that consumers have access to the best medical devices and services. These circumstances have created a pressing need for a specific kind of consulting. Healthcare technology,

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5 Things to Know Before Entering a Career in Consulting

With the global management consulting services market set to increase from $819.79 billion in 2020 to $895.46 billion in 2021, there’s no doubt about it: consultants are in demand. Consultants are hired to provide advice to a group of people (typically a business) facing issues in need of expertise and solutions. While consulting can be

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