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Investment Fund Bootcamp

Get a glimpse into the Investment Fund track through 2-day deep dive into financial analyses and stock pitches.

Consult for a Start-Up

Collaborate on varying deliverables as consulting analysts in small groups for an Israeli start-up.

Education Committee

Markus Zaba

Co-VP of Education

Bailey Hara

Co-VP of Education

Jacob Kulik

Aditya Ojha

Megan Avdoo

Ellie Bussey

Meet the Samech Class!

Aaryan Sinha

Adam Burroughs

Alessandro Pugliese


Alexa Chaplin

Anna Kim

Ayush Rana

Ayush Rastogi

Benjamin Rice


Brett Netkin

Brianna Lei

Edward Mercurio

Elissa Armani


Ella Hutnick

Erica Yang

Esha Patel

Esha Walia

Isaac Gotian

Jacob Kline

Janani Ilangovan

Jasmine McCoy

Jonathon Piesik

Karen Vu

Kelly Servan

Markus Zaba

Megan Avdoo

Michael Redko

Nathan Kane

Neha Prasad

Sophie Lin

Meet the Nun Class!

Hannah Abbo

Nate Cohen

Evan Chu

Pooja Nandhyala

Shannon Assouline

Anshul Shirude

Caroline Ho

Eri Dumesh

Maddy Taylor

Emaad Daya

Arushi Bhatia

Kris Amerman

Joel Rosen

Daniel Ostapenko

Sabeeh Saikh

Christian Cassanelli

Sonia Bhattacharyya

Chris Flannery

Sofia Hara Furmanovich

Luke Conmy

Hebron Gurara

Yunona Uritsky

Sophie Stevens

Evan Cook

Isha Chadalavada

Aarshiya Sachdeva

Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Suraj Ramchandran

Troy Yang

Rahul Mamtora

Nico Araujo

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All new TAMID recruits go through a semester of education where they are exposed to the fundamentals of business, networking, finance, and consulting. This provides a low-risk environment for TAMID members to learn while exploring the different TAMID track offerings.