Develop the skills to manage a global portfolio

Equity research, financial modeling, building and stock pitches through our globally managed fund.

Through our actively managed, student run investment portfolio, you can conduct real investment research, equity analysis, and valuation to create tailored recommendations to help meet portfolio objectives. With sector-specific teams overseen by lead analysts, analysts can interact with multiple industries and companies throughout the semester to build comprehensive stock pitches.

Who is Investment Fund for?

Those interested in deep diving into the financial markets, learning financial modeling tools, frameworks, and analysis, and becoming a more experienced investor.

As an analyst in Investment Fund, you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into particular industries and companies to analyze their financial performance and learn how to truly value a company. By conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis, you will build skill sets transferrable to your classes, investment techniques, and co-op to pave your future career path. Not only will you emerge with a greater understanding of finance, but as a growing professional and investor equipped with the skills necessary to jumpstart your career in finance.

Fund Executive Committee

Nicole Victory

VP of Investment Fund

Gary Shetye


Arushi Bhatia

Director of IFC

Interested in exploring Investment Fund further?

All new TAMID recruits go through a semester of education where they are exposed to the fundamentals of business, networking, finance, and consulting. This provides a low-risk environment for TAMID members to learn while exploring the different TAMID track offerings.