Ashley Mandel is an entrepreneurship and philosophy major. She joined TAMID in Fall 2020 (Lamed class) and has since been a consulting project manager and social events committee lead.

What is your co-op?

“My co-op is at Public Consulting Group where I work as a consultant for the Healthcare Financing Solutions Team! My role is to conduct audits on public healthcare entities and their programs across Massachusetts and the country. A lot of my work recently has been centered around research on hospitals and their indigent (uninsured or underinsured) care programs in order to allocate funding for the next 5 years.” 

Why did you choose this co-op?

“I set out to find a co-op that seemed challenging and would be an opportunity for me to learn about a sector which I had no previous experience in (healthcare). I also wanted a role that aligned with my interest in working within the business operations for a nonprofit or company that aids nonprofit and public sector entities. At PCG I have been able to work with EMS services, hospitals, homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes across the state.” 

What was the co-op application/interview process like for you? Do you have any advice to other TAMID members who will be starting their job search in the future?

“The interview process was arduous at times but was a great opportunity to continuously hone my interview skill set and to learn about a diverse set of companies and their offerings. Advice I have is to ask as many questions as possible, especially related to what proportion of your day-to-day tasks will be related to what in order to get a genuine feel for what a potential six months with that company would look like.”

What is your favorite thing about the company you work at?

“The people on my team at PCG are really what makes it enjoyable to work with them every day. They are always very clear with setting expectations and giving realistic deadlines. There is also a clear path for promotion for full-time consultants and analysts which is an aspect of a potential employer that I like to seek out.” 

What are some projects you have been working on?

“The largest project I am currently working on is conducting a report for an indigent care program in a county outside Massachusetts. My responsibilities include reading and identifying key details in hospital contracts and researching statistics on the county’s indigent care population and the services provided to them. I also take notes for our numerous meetings with hospital and healthcare providers in the county.” 

Describe what a day of work look like for you:

“Every day I have consistent tasks that include filtering our RFP (request for proposal) inbox and checking the status on the different healthcare audits I am working on. Besides that I will work on our indigent care report, attend meetings, and react to the spicy consulting and healthcare themed memes my boss sends.” 

Is this your first co-op? If not, how is this co-op different from your previous co-op?

“This is my second co-op. My first co-op was for Soliyarn, a start-up company which was much smaller than PCG.  At my previous co-op the company was just establishing themselves so the  environment was much more casual and my role was very broad. At PCG I’ve been able to work with a larger team and interact with many individuals and organizations outside of the company.” 

What do you hope to gain or learn from your co-op experience?

“I hope to continue to learn about funding public programs in healthcare. Besides gaining industry knowledge, I’ve learned how to efficiently read a contract and pull out and organize pertinent information so those on my team can easily digest it.” 

Any advice to someone who is looking to have a co-op similar to yours in the future?

“A co-op in business healthcare is a great way to expose oneself to the complicated and ever changing industry of healthcare. While on co-op, I try to learn as much about an industry as possible, and business healthcare is a great combination of health, human services, legislation, and so much more.”