Looking to help out around Boston? Here are some great organizations that are open to volunteers year-round:

1. Community Servings

Community Servings is a soup kitchen that provides healthy and delicious meals for chronically ill individuals who can’t cook for themselves. Volunteers help with cutting vegetables in the kitchen, packaging meals, or delivering Thanksgiving dinners.

2. Boston Food Bank

As the largest hunger-relief organization in New England, Boston Food Bank donated almost 62 million pounds of food last year. They seek volunteers to inspect bread/produce, sort kitchen items, and package food boxes.

3. Rosie’s Place

This shelter provides meals, employment, and education services to homeless women. You can help out at Rosie’s Place by working in the food pantry or teaching classes!

With the cold winter months soon approaching, we’d like to share some useful tips regarding brutal Boston winters.

1. Invest in a heavy-duty jacket

A jacket with a hood, preferably waterproof material for snow and rain, and warm down lining is a must-need for your winter wardrobe. You’ll have no more excuses to miss out on social life in the cold!

2. Boots, gloves, hats, and scarves are more than just accessories 

While UGGs are a great boot choice for winter, a waterproof shoe is a better option for Boston’s snow, rain, and ice on the roads. And, your frozen hands will be useless without gloves and a scarf will help you to cover your face from the winds. 

3. Layers!

Throw a t-shirt or long sleeve under a hoodie or sweater, leggings or wool tights under your pants, and fuzzy socks on top of your regular ones. Layers will save you from the horrible winter weather.

If you’re in the mood to explore, check out some of these local destinations that we think are definitely worth a visit.

1. Providence

Purchase a $10 round trip weekend pass, and within an hour you’ll be enjoying Rhode Island’s lovely capital. Stroll across the river to Brown and tour around the campus. For lunch, walk back across the river to Thayer Street for a quaint atmosphere and plenty of shops and restaurants to discover.

2. Salem

Only 30 minutes away, this destination is also walkable, and with some fantastic food options to explore. Once you step out into downtown Salem, take advantage of some local history by visiting The House of Seven Gables or touring around before grabbing lunch at one of the many cafes lining Essex Street. 

3. Cape Cod

Cape Cod is just a little over an hour and a half outside of Boston. Take a trip to Plymouth and explore modern-day pilgrim plantations. Or take a bus to Woods Hole for a ride to Martha’s Vineyard. Wherever you are on Cape Cod, be sure to try some lobster rolls or clam chowder usually made fresh from local restaurants.