What is technology consulting?
With the rapid advancement of technology in today’s world, it’s not always easy for businesses to keep up with constant changes and new trends. The solution? Technology consultants – specialists who can offer a unique outside perspective on how to best use technology to maximize business success.
What makes tech consulting different?
Similar to other forms of consulting, tech consultants are hired to offer solutions for clients – this could mean designing, implementing, or managing new technology depending on the company’s needs. Common tasks can include developing websites, an e-commerce system, a mobile app, or even more complex software projects for a company. Consultants can have expertise in a variety of programming languages, skills, and technologies (JavaScript, Python, etc.)
However, what sets consultants apart from regular developers is expertise beyond simply knowing technologies. They have extensive knowledge in how those technologies are applied in solving problems across and within industries – consultants know how to create technical direction and leadership. Beyond just software development, they advise on how applications should be implemented, make product decisions, and offer valuable insights on industry trends. An understanding of business is often essential to tech consulting – consultants may advise on whether a technology is cost-effective, or which consumers would be interested in a certain tech product.
Tech Consulting industries
While working with a variety of clients, consultants get to explore a myriad of industries. This requires a degree of flexibility and openness towards unfamiliar technologies and situations. Consultants should be prepared to address their client’s unique problems or goals – whether that be new software development, infrastructure design, or security analysis. In turn, consultants can acquire new skills and experiences through different work environments and team dynamics. Industries that seek tech consulting services range from energy to healthcare to investment banking. Additionally, top consulting firms look to employ the best technology consultants, such as KPMG, EY, and PwC.
How to see if technology consulting is right for you:
Are you interested in pursuing technology consulting? Northeastern’s TAMID chapter was the first to create a Tech Consulting track that focuses specifically on software consulting and engineering. In past semesters, teams have partnered with Israeli startups and worked on a range of projects, from dashboard creation to app development to full-fledged software projects.
Track members this semester will work towards developing a project for an Israeli client. Together the track will address the client’s problem or goal, translate business needs into requirements to inform the solution, develop architecture and design, and ultimately produce an outstanding final product.
Projects will be worked on in “pods” consisting of developers and a pod leader whom will work closely on a single user story, and eventually combine their developments to create innovative and effective technology solutions. With strong mentorship, close collaboration, and tight feedback cycles, members of tech consulting will have a personalized track experience to help them grow towards their goals – whether that be securing a dream co-op, strengthening developer skills, or simply gaining insight into consulting as a potential future career. Overall, the tech consulting track is a valuable opportunity to grow as both a developer and business leader.
TAMID’s two recruitment seasons, which take place in September and January, are full of networking opportunities, professional panels, and social events to take part in. All years and majors are encouraged to join in the fun this semester and learn more about TAMID!