About TAMID at Northeastern


Through a series of stimulating seminars and group discussions, our education semester helps prepare you for your time in TAMID. Topics range from “The Startup Nation” to “Consulting 101” and promise to be interesting and interactive. Not to worry, our sessions are predominantly led by students and require no prior knowledge of Israel or business.


Our teams provide pro-bono strategic consulting services to startups in Israel in areas such as product design, business development, market research, competitive analysis, and more.


Our investment team focuses on holding a portfolio of securities in a simulation stock competition against other TAMID chapters across the country. The team will be looking to start managing real money in the future.


Something unique to Northeastern is the co-op program. One of our goals is to improve and grow the co-op program to include opportunities in Israel through the TAMID network. If you are interested in a co-op in Israel, feel free to reach out to us.


The fellowship component allows select members of TAMID chapters to participate in an experiential summer internship in Tel Aviv. This summer program offers students a unique opportunity to work with a partner company in fields such as high technology and venture capital.

Leadership Team

Avi Natan


Avi is a 2nd-year Chemical Engineering student with a low key obsession with Wawa.

Shannon Crowe

Vice President of Operations

Shannon is a 4th-year Mathematics and Finance student who enjoys ice dancing and traveling.

Jodie Chan

Vice President of Education

Jodie is a 2nd-year International Business student who has been doing gymnastics since she was three.

Alexandra Margulies

Vice President of Consulting

Alex is a 2nd-year Mathematics and Business student who used to work at Ben & Jerry's.

Rory Kimmel

Vice President of Fund

Rory is a 2nd-year International Business and Finance student who has nine nieces and nephews and aspires to work in Latin American financial markets.

Adam Bechtold

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Adam is a 3rd-year Computer Science and Computer Engineering student who once biked 1,000 miles to Montreal.

Morrisa Clayman

Director of Financing

Morrisa is a 2nd-year International Business, Supply Chain, and Finance major who is originally from outside Cleveland and loves traveling.

Emily Zhu

Director of Design

Emily is a 2nd-year Finance student who loves picnics by the Charles River.

Micaela Primoff

Director of Social Media & Recruitment

Micaela is a 2nd-year Finance and Marketing student who enjoys practicing Taekwondo, listening to music, and hiking.

Deniz Guner

Director of Social Events

Deniz is a 3rd-year Economics and International Affairs student who is from Turkey and loves to do performance arts.

Noah Shlufman

Director of Professional Events

Noah is a 1st-year Finance student who is a fantasy sports god, winning fantasy football and basketball numerous times.

David Iken


David is a 4th-year Marketing and Management Information Systems student who took a gap year in Israel and burned over 800 calories dancing at his sister's wedding.


I genuinely feel that this professional analysis gave us a unique perspective that confirmed some of our assumptions, and unveiled others that we were utterly oblivious to. All in all, that priceless feedback was a moment of epiphany for us.

Tomer Sasson, CEO of Akross



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